• Question: when did you know science was right for you

    Asked by anon-248674 to Tom, Stacey on 13 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Stacey New

      Stacey New answered on 13 Mar 2020: last edited 13 Mar 2020 9:45 am

      I’ve always wanted to do some scientific from when I was very little, I first wanted to be a vet, but soon realised that I probably couldn’t put an animal down as it would be too upsetting. I totally fell in love with Geography in year 9, I found a subject I was really good at and also loved! My geography teacher was a great inspiration for me, she was a Dr of Geography too and specialised in rivers. I loved learning about all of the geographical processes and all the amazing places you could visit on fieldwork as a geographer. So it was in year 9 I set myself the goal of getting a PhD in Geography and becoming a scientist.