• Question: were di the coronavirus originate from

    Asked by anon-248680 to Zoya, Tom, Stacey, Laura, James, Connor on 15 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: James Lees

      James Lees answered on 15 Mar 2020:

      We don’t know for sure. The major suspicion at the moment is that it came from the ‘wet markets’ of Wuhan. They are meat markets filled with lots of different types of animals.

      The thinking is that the disease was able to mutate and transfer from some animals at the market into humans and spread from there.

    • Photo: Connor Prior

      Connor Prior answered on 16 Mar 2020:

      Exactly what James said. However, covid-19 is a strain of a type of virus. It is a strain of the coronavirus. Other notable coronaviruses are the common cold, SARs and MERs. These can be transmitted from animals to humans. But it is unclear which animal it came from.


      Here’s a good video by a highly respected scienctific journal called nature.